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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Race Week: Sufficiently Bloated

Short run on Monday...
Easy bike ride on Wednesday...
Quick Run on Thursday...

Because of the lack of intense training this week, the consumption of multiple calories and the "right on time" presence of Mother Nature, I'm sufficiently bloated heading into the race! Ughhh...I guess that means I'm right on track :-)

File this one in the "Too Cool" Folder:

You can track my race at www.ironman.com
Track An Athlete
Either type in my last name "Sapp" or my bib number "1387"


Conservative, yet realistic expectations are as follows:

Swim: 45-50 min
Bike: 3:00-3:15 (yes, that's 3 hours)
Run: 1:40-1:50

Transitions will be slightly different than I'm used to as I will have separate gear bags for my bike stuff and run stuff. It all won't be shoved under my bike like it usually is.

I'm on my way to becoming an official Ironman, well...at least a half of one anyways.


Richard said...

Mmm, bloat. Forgive my tri-newbie-ness, but is the new transition technique something that's an Ironman thing or something that you're doing to try to fly through transitions? Although you've got a long way to go before you can catch up with Shawn. He had tons of tri-points during the transitions. Or is that not how they're scored? Anyway, we'll be a-watching for you this weekend.

Richard said...

Almost forgot to mention - .../worldchampion...Sapp... how cool is that?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to track you! You are SO ready for this. Looking forward to dinner tonight.

Carrie said...

The transition areas are the Official Ironman regulations! Yikes

Frank said...

Enjoy the day...no matter what you do on the course, and you will do great, it is going to be a great experience for you. Best of luck!!

Deb said...

Damn that woman...mother nature. I actually feel better when I run or cycle, so I'm hoping you feel that 'extra kick' once you find your groove. Good luck!!!!

LoneStarCrank said...

Here's to hoping you can put all of those 'distractions' aside and enjoy all of the months of hard training while you're out there ripping up the course.

I look forward to watching your progress. You WILL rock!

Richard said...

This is the full tracking URL: Track Carrie. She's not out of the water yet - and I have no idea how "live" the live tracking system is.

Richard said...

And she's out of the water! 46:22 on the swim for a 2:26/100m pace. Good job, Carrie! No time for T1 yet.

Is this a bad time to mention that we'll be stuffing Mi Madres breakfast tacos down when you get done with the bike? I feel so .... guilty. And yet I'm still looking forward to their cheesy goodness. Hmm.

Richard said...

Time so far:

Swim: 46:22 ( vs 49:58 at Eagleman )
T1: 3:53 ( 3:05 )

Richard said...

Updated times:

Swim: 46:22 ( vs 49:58 at Eagleman )
T1: 3:53 ( 3:05 )
Bike: 2:57:41 ( 3:03:53 )
T1: 2:56 ( 2:32 )

She moved up 56 places on the bike. Now the real fun starts. At Eagleman, our favorite triathlete passed 334 folk on the run and the time to beat is 1:44:39. She's already 8:37 faster going in to the run... Way to go!

LoneStarCrank said...

Killer job Carrie! You were smoking fast on the run!

Deb said...

That's a fast ass run girl! Congrats on a great race. Can't wait to read your report!!

Carrie said...

Richard--your commentary totally rocked!!!!!! Thanks!