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Thursday, April 16, 2009

MS 150: Epic Weekend

Several months ago, TriGreyhound put out the desire (read: pressure and subsequent guilt trip) of putting together a cycling team to ride the MS150 together. This two-day charity bike ride from Houston to Austin has become the largest charity cycling event in the country. 14,000 cyclists will hit the road this Saturday in Houston and begin their journey back to God's country. We too will be on that journey, albeit slightly more creatively. Team Greyhound will not be stopping at the half-way point in La Grange with the rest of the mortal souls. Oh no, our journey will be much more creative. We're planning on riding into Bastrop on day one (130-140 miles of cycling) and bunking at the luxurious Hyatt Lost Pines Resort for the night. As if luxurious accommodations, wine and a hot bath weren't enough, Greyhound has arranged for professional triathlete Terra Castro to come by and give us massages!!

We'll get to sleep in a bit on day two and finish up in Austin where Team Greyhound will convene at the household of Team Barrett for post-cycling food, rest, bathing and mandatory libation.

I'm looking so forward to this weekend as it allows hubster and I to break from our usual training "regime." No competitive cycling (ya hear that Greyhound?!), no focus on cadence or HR...Just a wonderful experience with great friends for an even greater cause. When people ask why we do this stuff, THIS is why...

I certainly encourage you to donate here , but more importantly, keep Team Greyhound and the other 14,000 cyclists in your thoughts this weekend as we brave the elements and motorists to support this amazing charity. The research and medications are working to help eradicate this disease (or at least slow it down). Just ask Mrs. Greyhound...

Houston--here we come!


Spokane Al said...

Wow, that sounds like one terrific weekend. Have a great time and good on ya for fighting for a cure.

WADDLER26.2 said...

I am so jealous-that sounds awesome. Have a great time!

Runner Leana said...

Too bad about the weather! It sounds like an amazing weekend regardless, and so glad you got to ride on Sunday. Nice job!